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What's New with Bruce Irving Music?

The latest news (June 2020) is that I finally upgraded my web hosting plan so I will be able to expand this site beyond the two placeholder pages you see here. I hope to update to a more modern web design too. My track record on this isn't great, but with this long COVID-19 quarantine we're in, anything is possible (as long as you can do it at home). 

In February 2020, I released my fifth collection of original songs, a five-song EP called COOL. Before that, back in May 2018, I released "Center Of It All," dedicated to my late mother, the true center of it all for me and my family (miss you, Mom!). I had a lot of help from my friends on this long project. I wrote the title track with Rob Simbeck​, the album was produced by Roger Lavallee​, and Craig Collins did the graphical design. So it's really true, as we learned at Carnegie-Mellon many years ago (or maybe that was kindergarten), that "friends help." There's also a co-write with my brother Doug Irving​. Thanks everyone! One song on the album is "Hummingbird" for which a made a video a few years ago for my granddaughter:

Hummingbird -- This was written for Stella's second birthday (video).


The Songs on "Center Of It All"

Writing and recording songs can give you a rich fantasy life. Like when you watch an episode of "The Americans" (great show) and out pops the song "Rough Days." Or when you imagine being so down and out that you wish someone would airlift you away and voila, "Angels Are Hiding." Think you're tired? Try flapping your wings 1500 times a minute like the characters in "Hummingbird." How about a pep talk from a quasi-Rastafarian? That's "Hey O Way O." An early morning stroll down Abbey Road? "Foggy Morning London Town." A helicopter getaway? "When Charlie Went AWOL." There's a song just called "Who?" What's THAT all about? Or who?

It's not all crazy talk. There's some of the usual sensitive guy "what's it all about" stuff too, like "In the Name of Love," "No Second Chances," and even "Saving the World." "Center Of It All" was inspired by memories of my Mom who passed away just recently - she really was the center of it all for me and my family.

There's a lot of rock, a ton of harmonies, a bit of folk and country, and just a dash of jazz. An album 6 years in the making with twelve very different and dare I say rather good songs (yes, I dare say). And I must ALSO say that if you like cool guitar solos, my producer, friend, and Local Guitar God Roger Lavallee has really outdone himself on this project. Smoking.

It's a good album. You'll like it. Trust me. Why would I lie?

The beautiful album graphics were designed by my friend Craig Collins.