What's New (Sort Of)

What's New? Bruce Irving Music Recording Tools

What's New with Bruce Irving Music?

Every few years I remember I have a website and sometimes I even update it. As I write this on July 13, 2016, I haven't released any new music for a while, but all that I have released is available to stream on my SoundCloud page. Here are some fairly recent additions:

Hummingbird -- written for Stella's second birthday. There's also a video for this song.

Animals Are So Cute -- Stella loves the zoo, so I wrote this song about some of her favorite animal friends. Video is here

Foggy Morning London Town -- Written with an intended 60's vibe after I crossed the street in front of the famous Abbey Road Studios in London. 

Center Of It All -- This will be on my next album if I ever get around to finishing it. 

Older News...

This isn't exactly news anymore, but my latest album "Look at You" is available for download on iTunesAmazonCD Baby, and other places. The title track is a song I wrote for my granddaughter, Stella, who was born on October 5, 2012. She is pictured on the cover, gazing at the galaxy M74. The lovely cover and the rest of the CD package were designed by my wife's daughter, Rebecca Sunter. It's been so long since I updated my web site that Stella has a little brother Luca, born just last week! No songs for him yet. I better get busy! 

Here are the song titles for "Look at You:"

1. Look at You (Stella's Song)

2. Spring (Rolling Over Me)

3. Maybe Not

4. Down & Out

5. Drambuie [written with Rob Simbeck]

6. Lady Heartache

7. Obliviosity

8. Open Up Your Eyes

9. Losing Control (Drowned Cities)

10. The Play's the Same

11. My Baby Won't Say So


The Songs on "Look at You"

Although the title track is a gentle acoustic ballad written for my new baby granddaughter, the rest of "Look at You" is a lot more rock- and rhythm-oriented than my last two album projects. Why? I attribute this to the tools I used to write these songs, most of which were written on the iPod Touch and iPad using Apple's GarageBand (GB) and other iOS music making tools. Inspired by Paul Simon and others, I've always tried to incorporate rhythm in my writing process, but I never got very comfortable with drum machines and loop-based writing and recording. With GB's "smart drummer" it is easy to create a cool drum part as the basis for a song. Bass and keyboard parts are similarly easy. This new-found freedom and flexibility in rhythm pushed my songwriting into some new and interesting directions. 

It's not all rock though - there's also a straight jazz ballad called "Drambuie" (written with Rob Simbeck) and a bossa nova flavored tune "Obliviosity" which is something of a personal anthem for me (and I'm sure for many other men as well). 

The photo below is not the cover, but from the inside of the CD packaging, me holding Stella when she was about 15 hours old.